• feeding in the round: beaba 360 spoon

    Today while grocery shopping, I saw the cutest kid sitting in her mom’s shopping cart, happily munching a breakfast treat. It didn’t matter that there were more crumbs on her cheeks than in her mouth; only at that age can you still get away with looking absolutely adorable, even with food smeared all over your face. It reminds me of a photo we have of my younger daughter, who proudly “wears” rice cereal after her first feeding. Remember the games your mom would play to get you to eat your food? (Well, she needed to trick you somehow into consuming that awful-tasting stuff!). My mom cried “open air” as a spoonful dove into our mouths. For me, it was a choo-choo train riding down the tracks, and into the tunnel of my girls’ gaping mouths. No matter what clever trick you employed as a new mom, you never envisioned a utensil that could help your newly minted self-feeder get the job done. Introducing the Beaba 360 Spoon. Its rotating handle ensures that the spoon stays horizontal, reducing the chance of spills. As your child grows, the handle can be locked into place, paving the way as she advances to a standard-sized spoon. Less mess means more in her tummy and fewer clean-ups for you. Just don’t plan on giving up that airplane game anytime soon (works wonders for medicine, too)…

    In a Nutshell: Call it a “smart spoon,” if you will. This utensil lets self-feeders show off their skills, minus the frustration.


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