• creature comfort: thermal-aid zoo

    My 4-year-old loves her stuffed animals like Frosty treasures his magic hat. Sure, they don’t make her shout “Happy Birthday” when she jumps out of bed every morning and “comes to life.” But she does dress them up,¬†carry them around and treat them like gold. And why shouldn’t she? These indispensable buddies provide her lots of comfort, especially on those days when she’s not feeling so great. No wonder then that Thermal-Aid Zoo is a hit with kids in need of a little TLC. A ice pack/heating pad cleverly disguised in the likenesses of a cuddly koala bear, elephant, hippo, monkey and rabbit, these plush pals are more than just a playtime companion. When your little one is feverish, pop one of them in the freezer and see how it brings their temperature waaaay down (sure beats a wet washcloth). And if your little guy has bumped his knee one too many times on that pesky coffee table, a quick zap in the microwave of one of these animals and he’ll be whooping with delight before you know it. Made from natural cotton, this kiddie product contains a heating/cooling element made of specially engineered corn (yup, this group is definitely green). In this season of colds/flu, bumps and bruises, the Thermal-Aid Zoo is the best medicine you can give your child. No spoonful of sugar necessary.

    In a Nutshell: A stuffed animal that doubles as a feel-better friend. Makes a great stocking stuffer.




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