• cool runnings: the iciest, diciest, scariest sled ride ever

    When I was a kid, a snow day meant trekking over to the local country club, squeezing between the fence and sledding until the sun set. Never mind the fact that I was trespassing; I was in plenty of good company, as evidenced by the many sled tracks up and down the hilly grounds. I joined my older sister and brother and their friends, happily trudging up and down that blasted hill, with mittens so soaked I could barely feel my fingers. And that was a good thing. I’m lucky that I can relive fond memories like these, thanks to a charming new picture book from Islandport Press. The Iciest, Diciest, Scariest Sled Ride Ever is a fitting title for an especially active story. Anyone who’s ever experienced the excitement of feeling the wind whip past you as you glide downhill in a winter wonderland will surely appreciate this story. And even if you’ve never belly-flopped a Flexible Flyer, you’ll enjoy the tale of these adventurous children who recreate the wonders of slick sledding when they convince their grandfather to loan them his custom-built runner sled. With each turn of the page, vivid watercolor illustrations set the stage for a magical ride that carries readers up and down, and back up again. A delightful romp of a read for all ages, this picture book deserves a spot under the Christmas tree this year…right next to a sled from Santa.

    In a Nutshell: Time to dig out your trusty old sled, and find the nearest hill. And when you’re back indoors, you can settle down with this storybook and compare notes.



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