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    Until earlier this week, when our electricity was restored following the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, family time was all about board games, crafts and anything that could be played by firelight. While those first few rounds of Candyland were doable, the novelty soon wore off. (I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t envisioning an escape plan–for one.) And with school closed for more than one week, I began seeing signs of brain drain I hadn’t seen since summer vacation. Before I was ready to throw my hands up, our mailman delivered a welcome treat: a trial sample of Little Passports, one of the more entertaining boredom busters we’ve seen in a long time. This subscription-based service lets kids ages 7-12 play armchair traveler as they journey along with fictional characters Sam and Sonia around the globe. We received the USA Discovery Kit, containing a detailed, kid-friendly map, disposable camera, travel journal, scratch art book and other resources for guiding your imagination. I was curious to see if my somewhat skeptical 8-year-old daughter would bite (having grown a bit board game-weary and missing her precious screen time). After we looked through the kit’s contents together, I purposefully left the room and waited to see what kind of “magic” would take place. Within minutes, I checked back to find her sprawled out on the floor, filling out her journal. “Guess how many states I’ve been to already?,” she asked. “Eight!” was her proud response. Not only did Little Passports give her a chance to share her vast knowledge of geography, but she was invigorated by the possibilities of unexplored destinations (perfect to capture on film at a later date). Little Passports isn’t only worthwhile for encouraging education, but helping to promote it continuously. You can sign up for subscriptions on a per-month basis, or have them delivered periodically. Who doesn’t like getting mail, especially the “wish you were here” variety…

    In a Nutshell: Be it a cure-all for wanderlust or an inventive gift this holiday season, this mail-order gift is destined to transport imaginations and young minds alike.

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      Glad the package arrived and you got your power back Pam!

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