• pregnancy pendant: m*a*m*a maternity alert jewelry

    When someone you know announces her pregnancy, it’s amazing how infectious that happiness can be. It seems like the whole world smiles at an expectant mom’s baby bump, sharing in her joyfulness at the prospect of a new life coming into the world. No one ever likes to associate an impending birth with anything negative, but the truth is life isn’t always perfect. Pregnant women, especially those with a preexisting medical condition, need to take extra care of themselves during those precious nine months. It’s why we’re recognizing the m*a*m*a necklace, a  jewelry line designed with expectant mothers in mind. The oval pendant subtly shares the important information of your condition in the event of an accident or medical emergency. The stainless-steel design features a traditional stork, blue star of life and the month of your due date. Upon first glance, first responders will be better prepared to treat you and your baby-to-be. And as anyone who’s ever been involved in a crisis can tell you, avoiding confusion or misinformation in those critical moments is key to recovery and survival.

    In a Nutshell: Protect yourself and your unborn baby at all times with this life-saving necklace that lets medical professionals know you’re pregnant when you can’t.


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