• space (and sanity) saver seat: quicksmart fold n go bouncer

    When my daughter was a baby, you could tell when I was planning to visit my parents simply by gazing into the back of my car. The amount of baby gear rivaled a Babies R Us boutique, if there ever was one. Sandwiched in between my diaper bag and umbrella stroller was the all-important fish-printed bouncer. Even though it was rather cumbersome and bulky, it was my American Express of baby stuff: I never left home without it. Not only did this seat act as a secure place for my just-sitting-up babe, but it often gave her the opportunity to doze off, courtesy of its soothing vibrations and bubble-making. Despite its immeasurable value during that first year, that seat and I had a love/hate relationship. On my ride home from Grandma’s, you could find me silently swearing at its massive frame that obstructed my rear view. Couldn’t I find something that wasn’t a towering mass of metal? Today’s new moms won’t have to commit internal road rage, thanks to a new bouncer seat that knows its place. QuickSmart’s Fold N Go Bouncer delivers on its promise to keep baby gear compact. In a matter of seconds, this soft seat folds in half and its metal legs tuck underneath the frame, resulting in a flat, portable seat that can assume a suitable spot for itself in your car, in a suitcase or anywhere space is tight. The flexible design doesn’t compromise on function, either. All the bells and whistles of a standard bouncer –3-point safety harness, 3 levels of music/vibrations and machine-washable fabric on the seat– are accounted for. Finally, a baby seat that lives up to its name. And one that doesn’t mess with my view.

    In a Nutshell: Baby gear that’s small on space, but big on versatility. We’re sold on a compact seat that gives us some extra breathing room (and cargo space).

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    1. Arifa

      Where did you buy this?
      Quicksmart’s website doesn’t have it…

    2. Pamela Brill

      We checked into this and found out that after lackluster response from retail buyers, Quicksmart is going to withdrawing from the U.S. market (they are based in Australia). So unfortunately, unless things change, you will not be able to get your hands on this product after all.

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