• amazing arachnoid: itsy bitsy spider pop-up book

    What’s preschool without nursery rhymes? One of my 4-year-old favorites is “Itsy Bitsy Spider;” we’ve been singing this little ditty ever since she could put her fingers together to make them “climb up the waterspout”–and I’ve no doubt she’s in good company. So, naturally, when the latest  incarnation of this classic song–in the form of a pop-up book–landed on my desk, I knew this afternoon’s story time pick was a no brainer. As a mom who’s already sang this song umpteen times, Itsy Bitsy Spider  is almost as exciting for me to page through as it was for my daughter. On each page, the vivid paper construction give new life to verses already committed to memory. Little details like the baseball cap-wearing spider and teapot-shaped building are a delight for both seasoned and young readers. We loved the life-sized raindrops that practically splashed off the page, only to be followed by the warm rays of the comforting sun. Caldecott medalist Richard Egielski’s creative pop-ups let us see this story through a pair of fresh eyes. After all, isn’t that what childhood is all about?

    In a Nutshell: A great addition to any preschool book rack or just some fun accompaniment to finger play, this new take on a children’s classic deserves a look. Itsy Bitsy Spider by Richard Egielski will be available on September 25th.



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