• straighten up and fly right: skip hop zoo neckrests

    A mom friend of mom recently treated herself and her family (kind woman that she is) to an African safari…and I don’t mean a trip to the Bronx Zoo. We’re talking the real deal, as in they actually flew to Africa and immersed themselves within the continent’s lush surroundings. Judging from the stories she shared, it was quite the adventure–and one that she’d love to experience again. As for the unbearably long flight and having to schlep from airport to airport? Not so much fun, especially for her young daughter. Because this is the time of year when many of us are taking to the friendly skies or hitting the road with the family, we’ve been busy scouting out travel items for kids that make the journey a little more manageable. Our latest treasure: Skip Hop Zoo Neckrests. These oh-so-cute travel accessories beat the pants off those flimsy airplane pillows: a real pain in the neck. Plus, Zoo Neckrests double as a travel toy companion, so Mr. Teddy can finally catch a break of his. And maybe you can, too. Shhhh…

    In a Nutshell: A big brother’s shoulder can’t hold a candle to these comfy neckrests. Because if your kid can sit back and snooze during any part of that trip, we’re all for it. Skip Hop Zoo Neckrests are available in dog, bee, ladybug, monkey and owl.






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