• quack snack attack: little duck organics tiny fruits

    How many Cheerios and Goldfish do you think your toddler has consumed? One look at the backseat of your minivan, and you can answer with certainty: A LOT! You may not realize it, but even little kids get tired of eating the same snack foods over and over (in fact, multiple mini boxes of raisins have been blamed on many a meltdown…we kid you not). If you’ve been noticing that your little one has turning up her adorable nose at her favorite snack food, it’s time to break out of that rut and try something new–and nutritious. We’re finding ourselves going ga-ga over Little Duck Organics’ Tiny Fruits. This assortment of 100-percent organic dried fruits are especially tasty, not to mention healthy. There’s no sugar added and they’re gluten-free. Plus their bite-sized shape makes it easier for even the littlest foodies to grasp and enjoy. We got our hands on a sample of these mouth-watering treats and loved that they had just enough flavor without being overly sweet. Available in fun fruit combos like apple/banana, strawberry/mango, blueberry/apple and, our favorite, pineapple/mango, Tiny Fruits have rightfully earned themselves a spot in the kiddie snack food drawer.

    In a Nutshell: Banish the snack-food doldrums with a healthy treat for your favorite toddler, and everything will be just ducky.

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