• on a roll: bambooee paper towel

    In my house, we go through paper towel like water; practically every time I turn around, it’s time to replace the now-empty roll with a new one. And while I aim to clip coupons whenever a brand I like is on sale, I am particularly fussy about which products I use. Once the colder weather rolls around, I tend to favor the softer towels with the thicker plush–much more kind on my seasonal eczema. Of course, like every mom trying to save the planet, one small sandwich baggie at a time, I do my best to cut down on waste. So, when I received a sample of Bambooee resuable paper towel, I thought maybe it could help me do a better job–both at planet-protecting and skin-soothing. At first touch, this paper towels are noticeably soft and gentle on hands (and even tender noses when wiping up ice pop-stained faces). I’ll admit that their softness took a bit of getting used to–I kept looking down to see if I’d grabbed a hand towel from the bathroom by mistake–but after a short time we caught on. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, these paper towels look and feel different from your standard roll, but amazingly they are reusable. Rather than crumple them up after drying my hands, I left a few squares out on the counter and went back to them several times; they stood up to small spills and repeated hand-washing…and even absolved me of some guilt! Now while Bambooee towels don’t run cheap, you’ll save a bundle if you plan to use them over and over.

    In a Nutshell: Cost-conscious shoppers may not be turned on right away, but for those who’ll gladly change their ways to go green, these towels are worth checking out.


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