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    Sometimes, when I can’t fall asleep, I stare at the ceiling and count sheep. And when I’m not busy composing lyrical poetry, I’m recalling silly moments that take me back to a time when life was a lot simpler and a lot less hectic. Like when my college roommate and I noticed that our dorm room’s ceiling had been decorated to look like the Milky Way. Upon turning out the lights during our first night at school, we realized that our previous tenants had left dozens upon dozens of glow-in-the dark stars and moons on the ceiling, turning our otherwise dull room into a heavenly spectacle. No wonder we slept like babies that night. As you create a dream space for your own child, do you consider what gives them a sense of calm, a peacefulness that carries on long after you’ve shut the door? We think all babies deserve a crib mobile that lets them fixate on something entertaining, and when they’re ready to drift off, a lullaby to ensure a good night’s sleep. Tiny Love’s new My Nature Pals Mobile is just the ticket. As a smiling-faced bird, ladybug and bird spin overhead, your little is treated to a half-hour of soothing songs and soft lighting. Particular parents will appreciate the flexibility of the optional music/lights (pick either or both, depending on your little one’s mood). And once she’s outgrown her crib mobile, you can detach it and hang on to the music box. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a lullaby every now and then?

    In a Nutshell: Dream a little dream, and treat your sleepy babe to a mobile that provides hours of stimulation–and (hopefully) shut-eye.



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