• greetings from lobstaland: crustacean vacation

    As my family and I wrap up a week’s vacation in coastal Maine, we can head for home, confident in the fact that we’ve completed all the requisite Maine specialties: We visited a lighthouse, sampled just-picked blueberries and, of course, gorged ourselves on lobster (well, maybe not all of us, but my husband was definitely had his fair share). And no matter the destination, what’s a vacation without a good book? My husband and I are happily devouring our selected reads, but I also wanted to make sure that my girls had some fun reading of their own. I was especially delighted when I saw that the picture book I had packed had made its way into area bookstores and gift shops from Portland to Portsmouth. The aptly named Crustacean Vacation is a fitting title for a summertime adventure. Set against a beach backdrop, this charming story follows a family of crabs as they spend the days lolling in the sun, catching some waves and doing all the things expected from a seaside soiree.  My girls marveled over the fact that this crabby crew shared many of the same experiences that they had done that very day, like visiting a zoo/amusement park, to jumping in the frothy surf. While my husband and I might have envied the crab parents who had some times to themselves, we could certainly relate to the tongue-in-cheek crabbiness of the worn-out kids by day’s end. A delightful reading romp for anyone headed to the shore with the kids, Crustacean Vacation helps make the joys of summer last a little bit longer.

    In a Nutshell: This endearing picture book will allow you and your kids to revisit summer vacation memories, long after their swimsuit suntan lines have faded.

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