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    My 8-year-old’s best friend went on an African safari earlier this year, and truly had a chance to explore the wild. While a trip to the Bronx Zoo is as close to the animals as our family will probably get, there are still plenty of entertaining and educational ways to experience the wonders of the animal kingdom without leaving home. Uncle Milton’s new Nat Geo Wild line of puzzles, toys and games spotlight the many inhabitants that make up our jungles, oceans, rainforests and other natural surroundings. We got our paws on the African Safari Dominoes, featuring up-close-and-personal photography so lifelike, you’ll almost feel like the animals are right there with you. Not only does this game have an easy-to-follow format (think regular domino rules, minus the dots), but it comes packaged in a portable metal tin, making it ideal for summer travel. Other highlights in the line include a bug vacuum in the likeness of an ant eater and puzzles featuring the most darling baby animals. So, if you can’t make it to the zoo before school starts up, break out the Nat Geo games and have yourselves a wild time! Uncle Milton’s Nat Geo Wild line is currently available at Barnes & Noble stores.

    In a Nutshell: Go on a safari during playtime, and learn a thing or two about the vast world that we share with creatures great and small. No passport required.



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