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Some nights, no matter how hard I try, I just can not get comfortable. No matter how many times I fluff my pillow, adjust my blankets and shift positions, I’m not feeling relaxed and ready for sleep. Surely any adult is able to relate to this scenario at one time or another (but hopefully not too often!). Now, imagine being a newborn, fresh out of the womb and feeling particularly frustrated that mom’s loving touch is no longer available 24/7 (yes, even the most dedicated of moms must sleep sometimes!). If you’ve been “blessed” with an especially fussy baby, trying to find a way to soothe your little one can be an exhausting experience. For those who have tried swaddling without much success, we beg you to reconsider and check out the Zen Swaddle. Sure, we’ve seen plenty of beautifully crafted, 100-percent cotton wraps before. But this isn’t your ordinary swaddling blanket; it’s designed to be weighted in certain areas to mimic the feeling of being cradled. Concerned that the extra weight may pose problems? Not to worry; the special fillings are non-toxic and this product has undergone standard safety tests, which all adds up to an A+ for your baby’s comfort level and your peace of mind.  The Zen Swaddle is designed for babies 7-14 lbs. Wish there was an adult-sized version for this frazzled mom (sigh…).

In a Nutshell: Finally…a swaddling blanket that takes its job seriously. Just like you do.

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One thought on “the right touch: zen swaddle

  1. I agree swaddling can be a life saver for new parents. I swaddle my son for up to 3 months and he slept better because of it. As a result, I also slept better. I highly recommend parents give swaddling a try.

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