• survival of the fittest: mutsy evo stroller

    Tis the season of strollers! Spring is in full swing and summer, right around the corner. While my 4-year-old and I were in town today, I couldn’t help but notice how the sidewalks were being taken over by strollers. Nearly every which way we looked, moms were running errands with their little ones in tow, happily bouncing along. Since I review kids’ products, I’m always paying close attention to the gear I encounter on a daily basis, and I have to admit: I’m suffering from a mild case of stroller envy. When my first daughter was born, the Bugaboo was the fashionable choice and by the time my little one arrived on the scene, the pram was back in style. Amazingly, today, there are no shortage of stroller choices and the latest model from Mutsy has currently captured our attention. Appropriately dubbed EVO, this high-performance vehicle embodies just how much the baby buggy has evolved over the years. You can use it right from the beginning, thanks to its reclining seat that faces backward (ideal for newborns) or forward (for older babies looking to take in their surroundings). A full recline position lets sleeping babes stretch out with plenty of space, and there’s a footrest to provide extra comfort for tired tootsies. We really love the ultra-deep storage bin where moms can stash their diaper bag and still have room for any purchases they make along the way. Available in brown, black, white or navy, the Mutsy EVO Stroller is perfect for the mom and kid on-the-go…know anybody like that?

    In a Nutshell: A stroller that knows how to get around town, and looks great while doing it.


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