• ready to rock (and roll): the cat’s pajamas backseat driver cd

    School’s out for summer, and that’s means a lot more drive time together with the kiddies. If you’re looking for some new music to accompany your many treks to the library, grocery store and any other destination with little passengers in tow, be sure to include the latest release from The Cat’s Pajamas. This isn’t your everyday band of parent rockers. In fact, rumor has it that the members range in age from 20-60, with a grandma in the group and three more expected to become grandparents in September. Let’s just say these folks put the “active” in AARP! But enough about age…their newest CD, Backseat Driver, truly demonstrates their staying power. From “Funky Bears,” a modern twist on Goldilocks, to “Take Time Out,” a well-versed track paying homage to properly-handled punishment (maybe listeners can even glean a lesson from it), their play list is as diverse as their unique sound: a mix of jazz, blues, rock and Latin. Our hands-down favorite is “Shovelin’,” the perfect antidote to a summertime heat wave with amazing harmonica accompaniment to match. No matter the season, Backseat Driver is ready to hit the road.

    In a Nutshell: Swap out for tired tracks for some vibrant, pulsating new music for your next family road trip or staycation.


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