• punk rock kid: kinderangst cd

    When your husband is a bona fide punk rock fan, your kids get exposed to music (if you can call it that) that wouldn’t exactly make it on to Mom’s iPod in this universe. While he may be smart enough not to add the Sex Pistols or Dead Kennedys to his playlist just yet, you can be sure The Ramones, Billy Idol and The Cramps  all get equal time…and that’s alright by me. Diverse musical tastes make the world go round, and plus our kids will never be able to accuse us of subjecting them to the same songs over and over. In honor of Father’s Day, we salute fellow punk dads who are more at ease rockin’ out to Lou Reed than Laurie Berkner (no offense, Ms. B.) with a new release meant just for them. KinderAngst packs a mean punch in its 14 tracks, paying homage to childhood rituals that are anything but traditional. “Let’s Play” shows what happens when a playdate goes sour, while “Bubble” is perfect accompaniment to bathtime. Debby Harry fans will relish never-before-released “Do It Yourself,” a nod to the ever-independent preschooler who may take 15 minutes to put on her shoes, but gosh darnnit, she did it! By the time the end track, “Be Kind To Your Parents” rolls around, you may finally be able to appreciate what you put your own parents through…and smile knowingly at the prospect of history repeating itself.

    In a Nutshell: Headbangers wanted. Here’s a new kids’ album that truly rocks.


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