• just hatched: mario lopez on sprout’s chica show

    There aren’t too many shows my 8-year-old and 4-year-old can agree on, but ever since we switched our cable TV carrier to Verizon, the Sprout network is one channel that’s become a consistent favorite. I’m not sure if it’s for nostalgic reasons (we had Sprout when we rented a vacation house in Massachusetts last summer), or because it’s just plain fun (the hosts, setting and silly songs offer a campy feel that you don’t see much these days), but they love it. So when we got wind of the news that the network’s beloved co-host Chica would be getting her own show, and that actor Mario Lopez would be joining the cast of Sprout’s “The Sunny Side Up Show,” my girls were over the moon. For this mom, I can’t get the image of Mario from his “Saved by The Bell” days out of my head (his “Dancing With the Stars” persona has nothing on his former self!). In this new acting venture, Mario will be the voice behind Stitches, a friend to Chica and fellow preschool adventurer. We’re excited to see what they’ll be up later this year when “The Chica Show” premieres. In the meantime, you can catch Mario himself this Friday, June 29 on “The Sunny Side Up Show” at 9 a.m EST. Last one there is a rotten egg!

    In a Nutshell: Everybody’s favorite chick finally gets her moment in the sun with her own TV show, and a cool guest companion to boot.

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