• Today was my daughter’s end-of-school class breakfast, during which these rising third graders were treated to a feast of bagels, muffins, OJ and fresh fruit. Because one of her classmates has a gluten allergy, parties like these aren’t exactly cause for celebration. Rather than sample the homemade or store-bought treats supplied by the collective parent ensemble, this student must dip into his stash of wheat-free mini cupcakes that the school nurse stores for him. His mom tells me he’s gotten used to this routine by now, but that it wasn’t always easy. In fact, it was only earlier this month on Field Day that he wasn’t sure whether he could indulge in one of the parent-provided ice pops (after careful consideration of the packaging label, turns out he was). When a child has a food allergy, you can never be too careful, whether it’s at a class party, school event or any celebration. And for kids who are younger and may not be as vigilant about their health as their parent or another adult might, it helps to have a little helper. Designed by a parent in this very situation, AllerMates was born. This functional, yet fashionable wristband alert caregivers to a potential health hazard for the child donning them. These clever bracelets are not unlike the ones kids sport today for a common cause; adorned with one of 15 unique characters, each wristband represents a different allergy, from asthma to peanuts. We think it’s a hip way to play safe it.

    In a Nutshell: Take the guesswork out of protecting your allergy-prone child with these insightful wristbands.

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