• bird brains not wanted: robbin’ eggs game

    I don’t claim to be good at math. I may have inherited my dad’s good looks (!), but most definitely not his knack for doing complicated calculations in his head. My 8-year-old, on the other hand, seems to devour numbers and relishes challenging equations. So when we find a board game that truly tests her math prowess and keeps her engaged, we know we’ve got a keeper. Robbin’ Eggs keeps kids on their toes, even if they count on their fingers.  Just like a good math problem, the concept is straightforward. Players roll the dice and then turn over eggs to get the sum as close to the number on the dice. The catch? Some numbers are positive, others negative; if your kid can do quick addition/subtraction on the fly, and she’s got a good memory to boot, then she’ll be a pro at this game. But not so fast…for those whiz kids who think they’ve got this game in the bag, pay close attention to the silly rules on your card and to your fellow players who might steal an egg before you can get to it! In the end, the player with the lowest score wins. How’s that for new math?…

    In a Nutshell: Egg-cellent game play for ages 7+, Robbin’ Eggs is a reality check for mini math geniuses and a great way to beat the summer slump.

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