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    Ah, Mother’s Day…the early morning wake-up call of kisses and hugs, homemade cards and gifts fashioned from tissue paper and other recycled goods and coupons for “being good all day long”–or as long as they can live to their promises (10 minutes, tops?). While some moms may not admit it, this one will: What I’d really like most for Mother’s Day is…to be left alone. And if that won’t work, then dinner for two would be just lovely (notice how I said “two”?”). While I’m only half-kidding, it’s nice that dads have it easy this year when it comes to making reservations. Thanks to the new app from Savored.com, they don’t even have to talk to a real person if they don’t one to, and can set up dinner plans while waiting for the subway. As long as your guy has an iPhone or Android, he can simply click on this app and experience the beauty of hassle-free reservation making. If you’re feeling guilty about an expensive night out and a babysitter to pay when you come home, consider that Savored.com offers special discounts at up to 400 different restaurants across the country. (Surely, he can find something the two of you will like!). Amazing that all it takes is the touch of a button, and dinner is served. Wish it could be like that the other 6 nights of the week…

    In a Nutshell: Dinner reservations for Mother’s Day? Yup, there’s an app for that:  Savored.com puts the “app” in appetite.

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