• swimming with the sharks: zoocchini hooded towels

    All it took was one beautiful, unseasonably warm weekend to make me realize that summer is not far off. A short visit to our local beach reminded me that I’ll soon be loading up my beach bag with sand toys, sunscreen and towels. While I don’t mind toting stuff that’s worth their weight, I am often dissatisfied with our choice in beach towels. Because they never seem to be the right size to dry off adequately or to completely stretch out on the sand, I wind up chiding myself for forgetting to replace them after the previous summer. Well, just in time for the upcoming season of surf, sand and all things water, Zoocchini has introduced hooded towels that are so generously sized, you might just want to steal one for yourself. The 22″ x 50″ towels, made from pure cotton terry or velour, are especially soft and gentle on sun-kissed skin. With seven new designs, including a duck, dog, frog, flower, owl, polar bear and shark, your little critter is bound to find something she likes. We love that Zoocchini‘s playful styles are as appealing to older, more image-conscious kids as they are to particular preschoolers. Our favorite from this season’s collection is the shark, a friendly fish who puts the Jaws saga to bed once and for all.

    In a Nutshell: This summer, it’s save to go into the water…and back out again…with hooded towels that are as fun at the beach as they are on dry land.

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