• munching monsters: wexy snack bags

    Because my 8-year-old can read me like a book, I try to surprise her every now and then. Bath before dinner, OJ in a fluted glass (yeah, that one’s reserved for special occasions)…my changes in routine may be subtle, but they throw her for a loop every now and then. And since packing lunches have definitely hit a case of the doldrums by this late in the school year, I thought I might fool her with a small lunchbox treat that was bound to make her think she had mistakenly opened a classmate’s bag. Yesterday, I packed her sandwich in a Wexy Munch & Lunch Bag. Unlike ordinary zipper-locked baggies, these disposable bags are BPA-free, biodegradable and made from 100-percent recyclable materials. How’s that for being eco-friendly? Since I am admittedly bad about remembering to pack reusable containers, these bags absolve me of any unnecessary guilt. Plus, Wexy bags feature one of four fun-lovin’ monster friends–each with his own personality. There’s Sammy the Surfer, Scout the Soccer Player, Dusty the Diver and, my personal favorite, Bailey the Bubble Maker (know any kid who doesn’t love bubbles? Me neither.) So when my daughter returned home from school later that day, she told me how funny it was to open her lunch and find a Wexy bag–and that her friends wanted to know what they were. Score one for Mom who can be a little unpredictable every now and then. Now, let’s see if I can jazz up my husband’s lunch bag next…

    In a Nutshell: Spice up your regular brown-bag routine and reduce your carbon footprint with these fun lunchtime baggies. Great for school and summer camp.

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