• Trying to prep a sitter before heading out of the house is a job in and of itself. Once you write up a list of hour-by-hour “instructions” and show her where all the essentials are, you’ll be ready for a night out on the town, alright! We love a baby product that multitasks as much as we do–and one that make life a little less harried for fill-in help, too. Enter Danzo diaper bags, a line of designer diaper bags that prove their worth just by their built-in organization system. Tons of see-through pockets make it easy to find those wipes right when you need them. And for the more challenged caregiver, 25 interchangeable labels spell out the lay of the land, from “a” (“antibacterial”) to “w” (“wallet). We think these little extras go a long way for the out-the-door parent who’s making a mad dash for the 7:37 train. And because the pockets are transparent, moms can determine which supplies need to replenished at a quick glance. Of course, if Dad manages to stick a dirty diaper in there somewhere, don’t point the finger at us…

    In a Nutshell: Here’s to one bag that leaves no question unanswered. Now if only it could pinch-hit for us when our toddler asks why wheels are round…for the fifth time that day.

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