• never let me go: loopy gear

    Last weekend at church, I watched as a young baby dropped his rattle repeatedly, only to watch his doting grandpa bend over and pick it up again and again. Much to my and my fellow parishioners’ amusement, this game got pretty old pretty fast for Grandpa…but only continued to elicit giggles from the precocious little tot. Too bad this baby’s diaper bag hadn’t been packed with Loopy Gear, an inventive baby gadget that only a mother who’s been there, done that could have dreamed up. It works by attaching the larger loop to your baby’s wrist and the smaller loop around his rattle or small toy. Available in a variety of stylish cotton prints, Loopy Gear can also be attached to your child’s car seat, stroller or high chair. Voila! Your little one has instant access to her favorite toy, and you don’t have to suffer from chronic lower back pain. Now that’s what we call “attachment parenting.”

    In a Nutshell: Don’t get rattled by the forever-dropping rattle game; this smart little device will keep your baby’s toy in place–and your sanity in check.

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