• kid for hire: take your mama to work today

    Last week’s spring break ran a bit little too long for my sanity, so my ever-thoughtful husband offered to take our daughter  with him to work for the day. She’d been begging him since Easter, so you can imagine her excitement when his calendar opened up and she was able to trek with him into the Big City (to a 7-year-old, commuting never grows old). While I was never able to accompany my dad to his job (one that required security clearance), I later worked for the same company while on summer break as a college student and was able to ride with him to work. He always let me pick whatever radio station I wanted (a big deal in the pre-iPod-ear-buds-glued-to-your-head days), and we occasionally chatted about stuff we’d otherwise never get around to at home. It’s memories like these that make me smile as I watch  my own young daughter experiencing these special moments with her own dad. How apropos then that a new picture book entitled Take Your Mama to Work Today should arrive on my doorstep. Just in time for April 26th’s “Take Your Child to Work Day,” this charming story chronicles a young girl’s day at the office and the many adventures she encounters in the business world. I couldn’t help but chuckle knowingly at some of the very instances that mirrored my daughter’s day; choruses of “You are so cute” are “You have grown so big” are echoed in these pages. Especially endearing are a child’s perspective on the office cultue, like power lunches (or, in my daughter’s case, Chinese take-out) in the conference room and business card exchanges (“networking”). I must say I was secretly relieved that my own kid was on her best behavior compared to the precocious kid in this story (no crazy copy machine tales to tell). An entertaining read, Take Your Mama to Work Today will beg the question, “Just who is driving this bus?” And if you’re like most grown-ups, you’ll be glad once school starts back up again.

    In a Nutshell: An enjoyable read to share with your favorite new cubicle mate…even if it’s only temporary.

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