• hip head gear: krash bike helmets

    Does your kid give you a hard time about wearing his bike helmet? I can’t say I blame them. From the look of some of the helmets out there, I’m more in favor of the utilitarian models that ooze sturdiness over style (or lack thereof). Fortunately, with the new line of protective head gear from C-Preme, tweens won’t have to sacrifice fashion for function when biking around town. Designed for ages 10-12, KRASH helmetsĀ  are the coolest thing we’ve seen in bike gear. From punk-inspired, spiky-head numbers, to cutey confectionery caps, there are plenty of choices for the most temperamental tween. And because the KRASH line is made from a soft, rubber-based materials, they’re as safe as they are slick. So, if you know any “hard heads” (ahem), this collection is just for them.

    In a Nutshell: Springtime means bike-riding. Now the whole family can take a spin around the neighborhood, donning some extra cool head gear.

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