• undercover mom: bella tunno bucket bag

    What does your handbag say about you? If you’re a mom, the contents of your purse may reveal more about your day-to-day routine than you’d care to admit: a broken Crayon here, a stray Goldfish there. Let’s face it: As much as we love our kids, it’s nice (and important!) to look and feel like our former selves, right down to our accessories. It’s why we’re thinking the Bucket Bag, from the Bella Tunno Signature Collection Diaper Bags, will be a hit for new moms. Their fashion statement alone is enough to convince us we’re hiding under there, beneath those baby wipes and Cheerios. Besides being attractive, these bags are extremely versatile, featuring removable stroller straps, a wipe-clean exterior and interior and hidden changing pad. We love the monogrammed accent–a perfect touch that proclaims the real you–and that doesn’t scream “Mom” (unless, of course, your name starts with ‘M.’) So if you know a woman who recently ditched her Prada for a pram, treat her to an accessory she’s sure to relish. And it doesn’t hurt to offer to babysit, either.

    In a Nutshell: Let the woman in hiding come out! These ultra-hip designer diaper bags will reinvigorate your sense of style, b.k. (before kids), and make a welcome update to your spring wardrobe.

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