• traveling artist: Crayola Color Wonder Tiny Tube

    I’m convinced that my bag will forever contain remnants of my daughters’ fledgling careers as artists. Broken crayons, dried-out markers and scraps of paper and old receipts have served as the materials and canvases for everything from stick figures to cityscapes. In fact, some of their best drawings have taken shape en route to some remote destination, so I often make sure I am armed with sufficient supplies. For convenient creativity, we’ve got our hands on the latest travel-friendly art kit: Crayola’s Color Wonder Tiny Tube. Looks may be deceiving, as this pint-sized container holds over 10 feet of tear-off activity sheets, along with 3 markers. We love the fact that the drawing sheets have adhesive backing, so they stick on to any surface for static (read: in-place) coloring. Hard to believe that everything fits right in the handy tube, which goes directly inside your car’s cup holder. Time to rid the backseat of those hard-guzzled juice boxes and make room for the artistes! Pratt and RISD, here we come…

    In a Nutshell: Good things do indeed come in small packages. This mini art set makes a great road-trip companion or Easter basket stuffer.

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