• Lunch out with little kids is no picnic.  Because many of our local restaurants must keep up with a steady flow of kiddie customers, we sometimes dine atop tables that are, shall we say, not exactly up to snuff? Combine that with having to wait for your food indefinitely, and you have the makings of a rather unpleasant dining experience. For moms eating out with little ones comes a new line of eco-friendly products that won’t make the intended fun turn into a fiasco. Icky Products Color Me Placemats are ideal entertainment for kiddies in waiting (for their chicken fingers, that is). One handy box contains 10 stick-on, biodegradable mats and 3 non-toxic crayons, so little ones can busy themselves and eat their yummy meal without picking up the latest bug. Just stick one of these in your diaper bag the next time you head out for a bite, and you’ll be set…at least until dessert. And if you’ve got a little one in tow, Icky’s Disposable Bibs are great in a pinch. These terribly convenient paper bibs come 12 in a pack, and are compostable to ease your guilt in helping save the planet. We’ve seen our fair share of green products and know how much they get a bad rap for being unfashionable. Well, don’t worry about sacrificing style with these babies. They come in fetching Matisse and Blast Off prints to keep your little darling looking as good as that food tastes. Bon appetit!

    In a Nutshell: Going green on the go? Here’s a couple of feeding time finds to whet your appetite…


    they’ll be singing for their supper

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