• channeling tony hawk: janlynn design your own skateboard

    I get a kick out of seeing hipster kids on their skateboards. Because they aren’t as common out here in the ‘burbs, it’s a small slice of city life that reminds me spring is almost here and that every kid deserves a way to get around town and hang out with their friends. I admit I’m not cool enough to frequent skateparks, but I am hip to the skate board lingo and know a cool deck when I see one. (For all you novices out there, that’s the part of the board that you stand on.) We think the Design Your Skateboard Kit from Janlynn is one way for crafty kids to make a statement on the streets. This kit comes with everything you need to make a custom design, including the skateboard itself. You paint directly onto the wood deck, let dry and then affix the non-skid tape onto your board. There won’t be any mistaking your board for anyone else’s. And that will make even the most seasoned skater pretty “stoked.”

    In a Nutshell: Get ready to ride on a personalized skateboard all your own. We think this DYO Skateboard Kit is “sick”–and we mean that in the very best way.

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