• vineyard-bound: playmobil harbor line

    After an unseasonably mild day in the middle of February, my thoughts naturally turn to summer vacation. Each year, our family takes a week-long getaway by trading in the daily Long Island rat-race for a leisurely paced sojourn somewhere in New England. Last summer it was Gloucester, Mass. and the year before that, coastal Rhode Island (we tend to favor towns by the sea, if you hadn’t already guessed). As I peruse the myriad of family-friendly destinations up north, I find myself drawn to Martha’s Vineyard again and again. I love the idea of a place where my day is dictated by what beach I’ll swim in and what flavor of homemade ice cream I’ll be sampling later on. Thoughts of a great escape couldn’t have been far behind in the making of Playmobil’s Harbor line of playsets and vehicles that will launch later this spring. We were treated to a walk-through of the line’s latest updates at last week’s Toy Fair where we paid particular attention to the Car Ferry with Pier. Not only does this ferry really float, but it has a fold-up ramp that ensures a smooth departure for both vacationing vehicles and their passengers. It also comes with four figures, a motorbike, bicycle and life rings to get people to their destination safely. So, no matter whether your resident playmates are headed to the Cape or up the coast, with the Playmobil Car Ferry, they won’t miss the boat. As for me, I’ll send you a postcard when I get to the Vineyard…

    In a Nutshell: Feel like you ferry your kids around all day? Let their imaginations take them for a ride instead –and tell them it’s the captain’s  day off. The Playmobil Car Ferry with Pier will be available in April.

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