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    Blame it on the leftover Valentine’s Day candy lurking around our house, but we couldn’t help but notice the colorful confectioneries staring us down at Toy Fair this week. Everywhere we turned, there were sugary snack-inspired playthings that made our mouths water and our smiles widen. While we expected to see sweet treats in the crafts and pretend food categories, we never thought candy would make its ways into building toys. But what a sight for sore eyes it was! Like a kid in a candy store, we couldn’t get enough of Candy Construction, a 92-piece building set for ages 4-8. Plastic pieces in the likeness of chocolate bars, starlight mints, peppermint sticks and other classic dime-store candies make for vibrant houses, buildings and more. These pieces snap together easily, so little hands can assemble any number of constructions with little frustration. Not only is this building set ideal for year-round play, but come the holidays, it makes for a great (note: mess-free) alternative to gingerbread house making. Giving new meaning to eye candy, Candy Construction will give your kids a creative sugar high, minus the cavities.

    In a Nutshell: Here’s one treat that kids will savor long after dessert. Candy Construction will be available in March.


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