• sayonara, stinker: ubbi diaper pail

    If there’s one thing about I won’t miss about the baby years, it’s being rid of diapers/pull-ups, once and for all. The stink alone is enough to compete with my already stuffed nose; I can’t imagine what it will be like to be allergy and diaper-free someday! Because of my tenured experience with potty training, we’ve experimented with all types of diaper pails over the years: those of the simplistic step-on/drop-in variety that use specially designed bags, to the “green” models that work with biodegradable liners. While many pails have promised a style that resembles something other than a glorified garbage receptacle, we’ve yet to find one…until now. The sleek lined, wildly hued ubbi diaper pail cleverly conceals the ugly business that lurks inside its vast interior. Call it the Superman of diaper pails, the ubbi is made with coated steel to lock in those nasty scents that manage to permeate even the most air-tight nurseries. Because it doesn’t require any special bags, the ubbi works with any standard tall kitchen garbage bags or, if you’re green-minded, any cloth diaper pail liners. Putting practicality aside, we’re tickled pink over its wide range of color options: from hot pink, to punchy purple. Hey, if someone is still in diapers at your house, might as well make a fashion statement. Your nose will thank you.

    In a Nutshell: Diapers are a dirty business. Fortunately, here’s a new pail that doesn’t make the entire diapering process stink so much!

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