• re-fined dining: re-play kids’ tableware

    My daughter’s very first “big girl” dinner plate has finally met its maker. After countless washings and many meals, the barnyard animals lovingly laminated on the divided sections are practically peeling off. A bit of a dining hazard…unless you want a side of toxic plastic with those mashed potatoes. These days I know I’m not alone when keeping an eye out for kids’ products that don’t have a zillion potential dangers lurking in their construction. And when it comes to mealtime, I’m especially mindful of safety first. It’s why the new Re-Play line of kids’ dishware and cutlery calls out to moms like me. Made from recycled milk jugs, this line is as environmentally-friendly as it gets. At first grasp, I could tell these products were tougher than they looked; the springtime hues of these sturdy plates, cups, bowls and utensils belie their sturdy exterior. Not only could we load up those plates with a well-rounded meal of chicken, rice and veggies, but they stood up to one dish-washing after another. Plates that don’t fall apart at the seams make this mom very happy. (And not having to explain why a horse on that plate no longer has a head  is even better…)

    In a Nutshell: This line of BPA-free kids’ dishware will make you “re-think” exactly what kind of dinner you’ll be serving up tonight.

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