• ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog: b.toys woofer

    The lucky mom that I am, I am treated to a musical serenade by my 3-year-old every afternoon. She pounds…er, plays on her kitty keyboard like there’s no tomorrow. It’s quite possible you have seen the offending musical instrument that I’m talking about: an orange-hued Cheshire cat that grins from ear to ear with a row of piano key teeth. My preschooler can’t get enough of this thing, and our ears (and forever-hiding family cat) are proof of her “music-making.” As much as I jest and sometimes cringe each time I hear her striking up the band, I secretly delight in her unabashed merriment in playing and singing along off-key. Her 7-year-old sister also partaking in the joy? Not so much… Maybe it’s because she feels a bit left out of this one-woman band and that the band leader isn’t partial to sharing (not yet, anyway). Imagine then when, earlier this week at Toy Fair,  we feasted our eyes on B.toys follow-up to the ever-popular Meowsic: Woofer, the hound dog-shaped guitar. We sampled the Woofer for ourselves at this week’s Toy Fair and man, can this pooch rock! You can strum along to 20 sing-along favorites, as well as 9 original Peppy Puppy songs, in one of three guitar styles: electric, acoustic or, our personal favorite, hound dog. Creative artists can also plunk out their own riffs as loud as they choose (there’s also a volume-control for more sensitive ears). Hotdog indeed! So, from the looks (and sounds) of things, our band just acquired a new member. Let’s just hope our cat will show her face again one of these days…

    In a Nutshell: Got a Joan Jett wannabee on your hands? Hand her a Woofer and let ‘er rip!

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