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    Late night feedings are no picnic, and certainly not made any easier with a blistered finger. I can remember the time I awoke in the wee hours one morning to the cry of my young daughter, and stumbled into her nursery. Like so many other times, I hastily filled an empty bottle with water, mixed it with powdered formula and set it in her trusty bottle warmer. I don’t know who found it more infuriating to wait for that bottle to warm: half-asleep me or my sobbing daughter. After what felt like forever, it was ready…or so I thought. Grabbing it too fast proved to be a mistake, as I silently chided myself for burning my hand. From then on, I made certain to keep a small towel nearby–a makeshift pot holder, if you will–to prevent future accidents. It’s moments like those that make me realize as a seasoned mother, not all bottle warmers come equal. If you or a friend is registering for baby gifts, be sure to check out one of the newer ones on the market: the Kiinde Kozii. As fun to say as it is easy to use, this device takes the guesswork out of warming breast-milk or bottle-formula to a comfortable temperature. A built-in time counts down until a bottle has fully warmed. Once the timer turns off, the warmer shuts off, reducing the risk of handling a too-hot bottle. Because Kozii can heat either plastic or glass, you can also use it to warm baby food jars. That means fewer accidents in the kitchen, too.

    In a Nutshell: This warmer makes preparing baby’s bottle practically effortless, and worry-free.

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