• sweet tooth slumber: baby bunch PJs

    What’s your New Year’s resolution? Like most moms, I’m debating between less snacking and more sleep. Guess which one inevitably wins outs? I never realized how crucial good sleep was until I had kids. I can’t blame my lack of shut-eye on 3 a.m. feedings anymore, and I haven’t quite gotten to the one-eye open until a car pulls into the driveway (the teen years are still a decade away). No, I’m more inclined to lay awake and listen to a lone cough echoing from one bedroom and the rumblings of a bad dream from another. Maybe my craving for more zzzz’s is why I invest so much in comfy PJs for both myself and my kids. If you’re thinking of an innovative gift for a new mom friend, how about a standing offer to watch Junior for a couple of hours, so Mom can get some much-needed rest, along with a delightful sleep ensemble for her little one? The Baby Bunch’s PJ Cupcakes are especially sweet for either a toddler boy or girl. These 100-percent cotton jammies are available in pink or blue two-piece sets and come in a whimsical gift box. Yes, good things do come in small packages. And lucky for Mom, these cupcakes are sugar-free.

    In a Nutshell: Every kid looks cute in their PJs–even a trying toddler. Pick up a pair of these jammies and sweeten the deal with an offer to watch your mom friend’s little one for an afternoon. Now that’s a real BFF.

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    1. Cool Baby Gifts

      These Cupcakes are my favorite! The packaging is genius. I do not know where you come up with your designs…wow, they are wonderful. Such nice baby gifts in such a nice package. I was thinking that at my next baby shower to buy these and put them on a beautiful cupcake rack to use as a gift and a centerpiece. Simply beautiful!

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