• raindrops on roses: elmo’s favorite things DVD

    It doesn’t take much to realize that Elmo still resonates with little kids. A quick glance at the minivan ahead of me on the preschool drop-off line confirms his unmistakeable furry frame, whooping it up on the small screen. (What did moms do before the days of portable DVD players?). Because my girls were often too impatient to wait for “Elmo’s World,” their favorite part of “Sesame Street,”  we often turned it on to catch the last 10 minutes of the show. If your kids clamor for that lovable red monster too, they’ll be delighted by the prospect of having all Elmo, all the time in his newest DVD. “Elmo’s Favorite Things” features eight popular EW segments–over 2 hours of Elmo entertainment. EW regulars already know how well the format works: Elmo introducing said topic, followed by nuggets of fun facts and of course, the antics of none other than Mr. Noodle. Featured segments include Birthdays, Pets, Dinosaurs, Schools and the DVD premiere of Building Things.  These digestible vignettes are perfect for short attention spans, not to mention long car rides. So, the next time your preschooler needs his Elmo fix, you can pull out this DVD. “Elmo’s Favorite Things” will be available beginning February 7th.

    In a Nutshell: A modern-day Julie Andrews? Hmmm…maybe not exactly. But “Elmo’s Favorite Things” tops the charts on preschool play lists any day…hands (er, paws) down!

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