• sweet smells of christmas: santa poo-pourri

    Ah, the wonderful scents of the season are upon us! The gingerbread cookies baking in the oven, the freshly cut Christmas tree’s boughs of pine…and that god-awful smell coming from the guest bathroom (just kidding). If your home is about to be descended upon by a barrage of family and friends this holiday season, you’ll want to freshen up the facilities with a festive scent. Poo~Pourri Santa bathroom freshener is an amusing and surprisingly effective way to keep your powder room smelling more like powder than anything else. A pleasing combination of citrus and evergreen, this spray puts the kibosh any unpleasant odors with a simple spritz. If you’ll be Christmasing at someone else’s home this year, consider the Santa Poo~Pourri Toilet Paper Giftset as an unconventional hostess gift. Now, you won’t have to blame it on the dog anymore.

    In a Nutshell: The nose knows: Stinky bathrooms take the joy out of holiday merrymaking. One spray of this stuff and you’ll wish it were Christmas every day.

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