• Right about now, I’m feeling like the holidays are catching up to me. I’m all shopped out, have more wrapping ahead of me and still need to go out and pick up last-minute essentials like extra tape and batteries. Speaking of which, I could use a little recharging myself…can you relate? If the holidays have left you a bit frazzled and you realize you still need to make it to New Year’s without losing your spirit, it’s time to indulge yourself. No, I don’t mean to spring for that new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing all season. I’m talking about something to invigorate your senses and start your day off right. Maclaren’s beginning collection is exactly what this weary mom desires. It’s a new line of organic bath and body care products that your entire family can use. We love the eye-opening scent of the shower elixir that gives you that fresh-from-the-bath smell, and as your day winds down, slather on some beginning body lotion for a calming effect. Other products in the line include shampoo, body butter and lip/cheek balm–winter essentials for dry, parched skin. With New Year’s right around the corner, beginning is a timely way to start off 2012 on a healthy, happy note.

    In a Nutshell: New year, new you. The body/bath line that’s gentle enough for babies works on big kids, too. Here’s to babying yourself in 2012!

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