• wash ‘n fluff: teddy needs a bath

    My young heart was broken. After receiving Hoppy the Bunny for Easter one year, I happily took my stuffed animal outside to play in the backyard. Sadly, a muddy afternoon and a white plush rabbit did not make the best match; it wasn’t long before poor Hoppy was desperately in need of a bath (as was his mother–a.k.a. Me). While a bit of spot cleaning may have returned Hoppy to near-normal, his fur was still uncomfortably wet and he didn’t seem as happy as pre-springtime romp. Ever take a blow-dryer to a stuffed animal? Not very pretty. How my long-lost stuffed pet would have benefited from Teddy Needs a Bath. This eco-friendly cotton washer/dryer bag made especially for the care and repair of stuffed animals and other soft toys adapts a simple concept. The difference between this product and your average pillow case? For starters, the size: a generous 20 x 30 inches–offering up plenty of space to fit an entire menagerie of first friends. The zippered top prevents toys from tumbling out and wreaking havoc with your major appliances. The best part? It goes from washer to dryer without a hitch. That means you don’t need to read the labels of each stuffed animal to ensure they are dryer-safe. So, whether your child’s favorite plush pal fought a battle with the lawn and the lawn one, or has seen one too many spit-ups happen, Teddy Needs a Bath will have him looking as good as new. As for Hoppy, he has happily retired to a green meadow in the sky, nary a mud puddle in sight. The End.

    In a Nutshell: Your little one doesn’t have to part ways with his more-than-gently-used Teddy (much as you wish he might!). This practical purchase will prove its worth as you give new life to little loved ones.

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