• The results are in: when a national marketing research firm recently polled a number of kids as to what they’d like to be for Halloween this year, the top choices were princess, witch and superhero. Oddly enough, Wall St. powerhouse didn’t make the list. Have our kids been taking sneak peeks at our downloads of “The Daily Show” or glancing at the Post and Daily News headlines? In more ways than one, I too long for the good ol’ days of Halloween, spent trick-or-treating from house to house, rather than in the shopping mall. I miss being able to recognize and greet the motley crew of characters that paraded down the dark streets, instead of seeing the same Harry Potter and Lady Gaga get-ups outside of Target and JC Penney’s . For those looking to emulate superheros that never go out of style comes a dress-up collection that also makes for a great Halloween costume in a pinch. My 1st Career Gear lets little kids experiment with some traditional roles in the working world before they go into post-college debt. Ranging from chef to construction worker uniforms, this set of six costumes suits the fickle child who changes what he wants to be every five minutes, as well as the family with multiple siblings. (They are also available separately.) We love that long after the pumpkins have been smashed and the ghosts are all booed out, this collection will find a second life for itself inside the dress-up box…alongside the princesses and ninjas. After all, role-playing doesn’t have to be limited to a night camped out in Zuccotti Park.

    In a Nutshell: When the worlds of make-believe and reality collide, it makes for great dress-up potential. Enjoy Halloween (and any other day) with this real-life attire for kids.

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