• The first time we took my baby daughter on a long road trip, I dreaded the moment we’d have to pull over and stop to feed her. I kid you not, I must have spent the better part of the car ride wondering aloud if the bottle warmer we had just bought would actually work, whether it would fit into our car’s adapter outlet properly and how long it would take to heat up her formula. (Yes, you can feel sorry for my poor husband; I do, too–in retrospect.) As luck would have it, my concerns were right on the money: after sitting in a fast food parking lot for what felt like forever, the bottle was only mildly warmed. But, if we didn’t get back on the road fast, my ever-patient spouse warned, we’d get caught up in rush-hour traffic. Torn between giving my young daughter formula that was room temperature at best and heeding my wise husband’s sage advice, I fed her in a hurry…but without much success. She only drank a few ounces before turning her head away and letting out a disgusted cry. Believe it when I say I felt her pain–and it was a long time before we took another road trip. Today’s moms don’t have to wrestle with such aggravation when feeding their baby on the go,  thanks to Toasty Bottle. This baby bottle warming set that works without the hassle of batteries, car adapters or hot water is almost too good to be true. Simply remove the plastic packaging from the warmer and pull off one side of the adhesive strip. Next, wrap the warmer around your filled bottle and attach the adhesive to the warmer. Now, open the Velcro enclosure on the Toasty Bottle holder and place your wrapped bottle inside. The warming packets retain heat as soon as they are exposed to the air and stay hot for less than 30 minutes, giving your baby plenty of time to eat–and burp. Rest assured that the warmer packets use natural ingredients like iron powder and salt, so you don’t need to worry about any harmful chemicals coming into contact with your baby’s bottle. We can’t say the same for the high level of road pollution on the LIE, but that’s another story…

    In a Nutshell: Get your baby to her destination safely and on a full stomach with this no-fuss, no-muss bottle warming system.

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