• You’ll never catch me carving up a pumpkin. The closest I get to making faces out of food is limited to a fruit plate of banana eyes, a grape nose and a orange slice mouth. (My nickname wasn’t “Fruit” for nothin’!). But because I still love to decorate for Halloween, we invest in equally festive (and not as messy) alternatives: inflatable ghosts, flickering electronic candles and tons of wall decorations. We think WallCandy Art’s  Design Your Own Pumpkin Kit is a great addition to this year’s pumpkin patch. Little goblins who love to help decorate, but aren’t keen on getting their fingers in pumpkin goop will be able to let their creative juices flow, mess-free. This set of easy-on, adhesive decals includes 3 pumpkins, 35 parts to create eyes and mouths, 6 bats and 16 candy corn pieces. Perfect for a Halloween party activity for the kiddies or for your own home decorating, this kit will let you create some boo-tiful scenery. So when Halloween rolls around, I’ll leave the knife-wielding creativity to my husband who can make a thing of beauty out of simple gourd. Meanwhile, I’ll just sit back and raid the kids’ trick-or-treat bags…

    In a Nutshell: Leave your Butterfingers in the candy bowl where they belong, and stick to a safe way for decorating this Halloween. Happy Haunting!

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