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    It amazes me that my 3-year-old still loves a good game of peek-a-boo. On a crisp fall afternoon earlier this week, we played outside where she hid her face within the trees. It was only a matter of minutes before a fierce wind blew back their branches to reveal her little face, and she was suddenly in stitches. If your baby hasn’t yet graduated from this simple game, but you’d welcome a diversion in the same old, same old routine, check out Skip+Hop’s new line of Hug & Hide Activity and Stroller Toys. Each plush animal friend (choose from an owl, lamb, dog or monkey)  is outfitted in a multi-textured design and features a matching baby animal hidden underneath their arms. It’s a wonderful way to teach opposites like open and closed, and of course, to show your little one how to give a hug. A smaller-sized stroller version guarantees company on those walks around the neighborhood when you’re bound to embark on another peek-a-boo adventure.

    In a Nutshell: Whooo wants to play peek-a-boo? Here’s a plush pal that’s always up for a game…

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