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    A friend has been lamenting about her latest parenting frustration: what to dress her son in. Even though he’s only in second grade, he’s already developed an opinion about what’s hot–and what’s not (and apparently, Mom just isn’t in on the up and up). Just when you thought clothing was only a battle zone for mothers and daughters, we have entered neutral territory. And while there are plenty of stylish labels devoted to girls, there aren’t as many boy brands that moms and their sons can agree on. This past spring, The Talking Walnut reported on a boys’ graphic T trend that is hit across the board. Since then, we’ve noticed another new name joining the ranks of this fashion movement: iNTAKT caters to young boys (ages 12 months-7 years) who want to look cool without acting like they care. Call it Joe Cool Jr., if you will. The line will launch in January with its spring/summer 2012 collection, which includes hoodies, long shorts and–you guessed it–skate, surf and street pop tees. Standouts include terry shorts with a rough-cut bottom and a polo shirt in a paint splatter print. The look is hip, modern and fresh, and we can’t imagine any boy putting up a fight when it getting dressed.

    In a Nutshell: Boys will wish they could fast-forward straight to next summer with this ready-to-wear line of casual duds.

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