• It’s only October, and I’m already seeing signs of dry skin on myself and my daughters. With more frequent hand-washing during cold/flu season, our hands are a bit chapped and rougher than they were just a few months ago. Because my girls have unfortunately inherited my tender Irish complexion, they are more susceptible to winter’s wrath and therefore are slathered with lotions and creams more often than they’d like. Since the Talking Walnut is always on the lookout for products that combat eczema and other irritated skin conditions, we’re always willing to put new skincare to the test. Well, Episencial’s Soothing Cream is just what the doctor ordered. A pleasant-smelling balm made with a blend of natural ingredients like organic green tea and jojoba seed oil , it goes on smooth without that heavy, greasy feeling of some other lotions we’ve tried. I like that it’s as effective for both my young girls’ sensitive skin as it is for mine.  The ideal after-bath companion, the Soothing Cream seems to absorb best on clean, dry skin, leaving no match for Ol’ Man Winter this year.

    In a Nutshell: We’re one step ahead of the colder weather with a lotion that leaves skin soft, smooth and soothed.

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