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    My 7-year-old has just started getting the hang of Hangman. I knew that day would be coming once coloring books and makeshift games of Tic Tac Toe on restaurant playmats quickly lost their allure. Now that she’s become a solid reader, it’s a great way to build on her growing vocabulary and keep her motivated to read for pleasure. For kids who love a good game of words, but may not be ready for Scrabble, comes Flip to Win Hangman, a portable game that works just as well while waiting for dinner to arrive, as it does traveling to Grandma’s. I like that kids can turn over each letter possibility as they fill in the corresponding answer on the dry-erase board; having the alphabet front and center jogs little brains that are doing their best to guess the possible answer. Easy wipe-on/off  will have you playing this game over and over, so now you don’t have to feel so guilty about playing Words with Friends as much as you already do.

    In a Nutshell: Hung up on Hangman? This version works nicely for younger kids wanting to impress Mom or Dad with their budding vocabulary. Oh yeah, and they want to be able to beat the pants off you, too.

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