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    My 3-year-old is learning French in her preschool. (When I was 3, the only French I could master was in the form of fries.) Today, exposing a child to her diverse, multicultural surroundings has become the norm, beginning well before the school-aged years. And since research shows that younger children demonstrate a natural aptitude for learning a second language, it helps to look for entertaining ways to cultivate this love of learning for your little one. Any parent who’s already familiar with the Little Pim line of educational DVDs will find the brand-new board book line to be a natural extension. And even if you don’t know the charming little star of this series, you’re bound to find a new learning partner for your preschooler. We got our paws on a couple of the series’ books featuring the global-trotting panda, found a cozy spot and began reading. For starters, the pages are especially sturdy and meant to hold up to lots of repeat page-turning. As pre-readers are introduced to different colors, feelings and other basic subject matters, they will enjoy the tactile experience of lifting the corresponding flaps and tabs, highlighting a specific word in both Spanish and French, as well as English. We like that the text can be witty as it entertaining (“No, this frog isn’t red!”), making this teachable moment more of an adventure. How great…or, should we say, “tres bien!”

    In a Nutshell: If you’ve got a budding bookworm who loves to turn the pages and mimic what you say, help her become a lover of language with these engaging, multicultural first books.



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    1. Sheila G

      I totally agree with your comment regarding exposing pre-schoolers to fundamentals of learning before they reach kindergarten. I was struck by the number of comments posted by parents after the death of the founder of Apple, Inc. on how their preschoolers had mastered working a smartphone without knowing how to read! Another great learning product for preschoolers that’s also fun is called BathTeacher (www.bathteacher.com). They are tub strips applied to the upper rim of bathtubs that teach kids while they bathe. Topics include foreign languages, math, science, alphabets, and first words. Parents rave about the strips.

    2. admin

      Sounds like a good one to check out. Thanks for the tip!

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